Posted: April 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

There are, I am told, burritos en route to my location, a report that I hope is true. Not because I am in need of food, in fact, there is delicious chicken and potatoes and mushrooms waiting in my fridge, but no, I am interested because burritos are delicious. And these are being delivered. And they are also supposed to be free. The thing you have to consider about free food, and you may have to be cripplingly poor at some point in your life to fully appreciate it, is that any free meal is really 2 free meals if you have 1 meal in waiting. That’s a day of not spending any money on food, and that’s an amazing feat some times, for some people. We would all like to be able to go out, and buy all the food, and eat all the food. I love restaurants. But sometimes, a delivery burrito moves me to tears.


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