Trapped By Foe

Posted: April 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

I admit, he (or she) is actually pretty cute. And pretty slow. And not much of a threat. But where I am, where I sleep, all of these things are pretty easy to scale with any kind of claw. And I’m not sure if they even have them, but I’m pretty confident that they’re all low enough to the ground that it ought to be a concern. I wasn’t the first to spot him. I was the second, but I spotted him or her at that point running into my room. So I entered war mode. I got a stick, and some shoes, and a small bowl, and I cleaned a quadrant of my room for easier spotting. But then I saw him leave. So I ran to the bathroom, grabbed a blanket, closed the door, and tucked the blanket underneath. So now I am safe, but I can’t leave. But it seems like an improvement. Imprisonment from a rodent. Oh, what a life.

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