It’s A Great Deal

Posted: April 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

What if everybody had more than one body? Then would everybody have a different meaning? Would we have a different word like everyperson? Could you use more than one at once, or would it be a one-at-a-time deal? It seems like it would be worthwhile to have bodies with different skills, a tall body, a strong body, a good swimmer, one that ignores the laws of gravity, etc. Instead, we have one body, and that body gets bruised, and beaten up, and full of disease, and has its bones broken, and then eventually, it gives out. No other bodies, no other vessels in which to live, just a meat bag with an expiration date that rolls around way too quickly for pretty much everyone’s tastes. Even people who are old and are at peace with expiring, that’s largely because their body functions so poorly at this point. Solution? Not death. Solution – new body. Done. I did it. Problem solved.


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