Posted: April 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

In the long hallways of the world, with doors lining the walls and the grey flecked carpet that’s more a shirt for concrete than a plush underfoot, there is always a fire exit. This is mostly due to safety standards and a general consensus of people around the world that being burned alive is not a good way to go. So fire exits are constructed. I imagine even prisons have fire exits, though it must be very awkward to see them used. Imagine the prison on fire, the cells opening en masse by response to the smoke alarm system, and the prisoners are now expected to file out casually, going to the nearest fire exit where there is maybe enough guards for one each, and then are expected to stand around patiently, wait for emergency services, and then casually wait for further instructions. Even the remorseful prisoners would be tempted to club a guard in the head, take his gun, and get the hell out. Fire, the liberator. Fire, the destroyer.


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