Me Versus Time

Posted: April 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

I’ve got this book I need to read, and these taxes to file, and people to see, and events to organize, and work work work. I think starting Monday, or maybe sooner, I need to try a new routine. I feel perfectly rutted. No, not Monday. The next time I actually wake up on the appropriate side of Midnight. It’s taking longer than I want, even with narcotics, even with 18 hour days, I have noisy neighbors, a noisy roommate, and seasonal allergies all working in tandem to wake me up after not quite enough sleep. I tried to force myself down today, I knew it would be a struggle and that in order to win I just need one really solid night of sleep. Now it seems that might not come until Saturday, or even Sunday. And then I need to be up at certain times to run errands, etc. I’m on the cusp. And when I’m there, I’ll change the paradigm. For now, I’m basically just wasting time.


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