Posted: April 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

Here I learned a thing, there I learned a fact, and all of my friends are on the way back. I can tell them, I can share, I can take them anywhere with my words and the spinning of a story, they can see the world without a bit of worry.

But then I read in the news about the police, attacking another black man, breaking his leg, threatening his livelihood, and I’m grateful that it doesn’t happen to me, but I hate that it happens to somebody. The 21st century is here, and there are no more hiding places. So if you’ve got a dark side then own it, if you’ve got a secret then show it, because there’s more people than dirt, no plot of public land to bury yourself in the city without paying for post mortem real estate. Best behave, little ones, because Big Brother is watching just like he said he would, and it turns out that we are all he.


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