Posted: April 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Yesterday was basically a day off for me. Aside from a crazily productive morning, I pretty much just laid back and enjoyed some computer games the rest of the day. Was that the responsible thing to do? Absolutely not. Did it hit the spot? Absolutely yes. But I am paying for it today, a day in which I am, again, largely productive, but running around like crazy corralling all my little ducks. I wish they were actually ducks and not projects and people, but such is not the way of the world. I have been starting my day with Reese’s Puffs in a bowl of greek yogurt, credit to the girlfriend to turning me on to the idea, and it’s fantastic because I can actually eat cereal again without the stomach churning effects of milk. The downside is that I’m suffering from that post-grocery shopping “I should be eating all my delicious food all the time” syndrome. I’ve been up for less than 8 hours and I’ve eaten cereal, pop tarts, potato chips w/ queso, and….that’s it I think, but the kitchen keeps calling me for spaghettios or more chips. Also, I flushed the toilet without using it for no reason.


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