Posted: April 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I started working on a new book. I put down about 3000 words fairly effortlessly and enjoyably, and I think a lot of that comes from the post-NaNo attitude. Like I know that I can finish a story now, or at least shove my way through the major parts of one, and so now to be doing it on my own terms, to be shopping a new idea and pushing myself in different directions, it feels very good and capable. Whereas with other projects where I’ve historically been “Not yet, not this, it’s not ready, please don’t look at it”, with this story I am already eager to start sending bits and pieces of it to people, to see what they thing, to see if they want to see more of it. I know I want to. I feel like I’ve got my hands on a great idea, and I just hope that my window stays open to continue to work on it.

  1. agirlofglass says:

    If you ever need a beta reader… I’m not always quick to read things, but I’d love to read a bit of your stories. I think you’re an outstanding writer.

  2. agirlofglass says:

    “I’m not always quick to read things…” HA! Like the fact that I’m obviously a month behind on your blog! *L*

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