Remember To Do Your Yoga

Posted: April 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

Tiredness, exhaustion, it came over me heavily last night, and so when the night was over, an unfinished game of Solitaire left on the kitchen table, bed was inviting and comfortable. The television went on for background noise but was quickly turned back off. It wasn’t necessary. Last night sleep came like the inevitable, a warm embrace and trip into the unknown darkness. I don’t think I moved once throughout the night, a feeling I know by waking up in the arms of comfort. The right temperature, the right position, everything feeling right. A clap of thunder shook the house, the sounds of rain falling outside, and I was at one moment startled awake and also lulled to sleep. Like a shouted lullaby, the rock concert of Brahms. I closed my eyes and sank into sleep once more, and another thunderclap followed. Nature is no barking dog. It wakes you up to bring you back into sleep once more. The threat is beyond the influence of my roof. Sleep is welcome.


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