Ham Club

Posted: April 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

Around the kitchen table, a collection of bodies assemble over steamy eggs, yellow with clouds of white dotting them. The bread is burnt to a satisfying crisp. There is juice for the child, milk for the young ones, coffee for the parents whose bodies have not yet nor will ever recover from the sleepless nights of raising a child. There are still jobs to do, there is still money to earn, and though they go off to school for hours and hours, what ought to be a time of rest is instead spent in preparation, cleaning this surface, tidying that room, attending a meeting in the office, or conferencing in remotely thanks to a merciful availability of technology. The situation makes one wonder how a child was ever raised before civilization, where a shrill cry in the middle of the night would not only deprive one of sleep, but alert potential predators. In that regard, a step forward seems like many steps back.


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