Lay the Moth Down

Posted: May 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Imagine two hands, each holding a stack of weights. Now you can take weights from one hand to the other, or you can remove them, or you can add them from a reserve. Now if you begin to take the weights and stack them repeatedly on one side, eventually, you might drop the other hand’s. Maybe to use both, maybe to just give only half of your muscles the opportunity to suffer. It’s an odd trick of the brain. You’ll drop 30 pounds to keep 200 from crashing to the floor. When realistically, you have such a little chance of being able to grab that 200 and hoist it long enough to prevent the same inevitable damage and you should really just hang onto the 30 and let weight do its thing. We try to stop things we don’t want to happen, and we usually lack the time or the common sense to let the steamroller push through, if it’s pushing fast enough.


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