From Nothing Unto Something

Posted: May 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

Paperwork. The inbox. Not the word with the little globe and the envelope flying around it, you have no idea the hell that one is for, but the progressive little kids in their tiny cubicles or cookie-cutter offices insist on being cute with that one. They send short little ideas that arrive and collect, and then they knock at your door with sad little eyes and ask why you haven’t “downloaded” them off the “server.” You don’t fuck around with them, you shoot them down with a gruff “I don’t know what you mean” and suggest if they feel the need to send cute little philosophical quotes that they knock on your door like a human being so you can bark them the hell away from you. Your inbox is this, a small plastic tray, anchoring the northwest corner of your blotter. In it is a stack of manila folders, each requiring immediate attention, and immediate attention is what you give them. That’s how you make job security. These kids, these tech school graduates, their time will come, but you’ve still got a stubborn decade or two to keep they, the wolves, at bay.


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