I Was Afraid of This (Bees)

Posted: May 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

Inside of a cardboard box, tucked into a dark shelf surrounded by other cardboard boxes, is fun. That’s what it says on the side, it says party fun for groups of all sizes, age 10+, 35 mins. It’s next to all the modern-day standards. Here a Monopoly, there a Scrabble, perhaps even a Scattergories or a Taboo. A Parcheesi board, a chess set, backgammon or dominoes if the person smoked weed in college. But then everybody’s got that one odd duck, the thing that comes out early in the party and either sets the tone for the evening or takes over the night. There’s a lot of independent darlings that have taken over the spotlight in recent years. Small black boxes filled with odd thoughts that have gone too far, truths, dares, political incorrectness, drawings of cats, you name it. The market is wide open, and the only thing it needs are willing participants.


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