Best Interest

Posted: May 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

When the organ comes to life, the cathedral stirred, dust blown from its piping, its peculiar, unique sound reverberating through the architecture and touching each of the rows, the bones, the cells, stirring things, thoughts and feelings and memories and an effort to do more to do better and to do it well, while in the context of one single thought do it not for oneself but for the others in the world who needed it more. The organ was the heart, and the heart was the organ, the brain and mouth forming the preacher, and every nerve ending and body part imaginable taken up by the congregation, passing feedback into the collection plate and returning that to the preacherbrain so that he may continue his services of implanting intent and design amidst hundreds of followers to create an organism that acted toward a solitary interest, be that for good or for evil.


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