Posted: May 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

How do you depend upon others without in some way exploiting their talents? An equal of division of labor can be difficult to strike when one task requires more specialization, more work, more time, and an unequal division of labor often leads to a difficulty in distributing the reward equally. Does an autonomous team have a right to pay the person who organized them together? If people can do their jobs without eyes over their shoulder, should they pay a supervisor? Or rather take his cut and distribute it among themselves in the name of efficiency? It feels like in a way we try to pay as many people we can with a single task, a chain of executives stretching up and parallel departments stretching horizontally. In truth, the money ought go to the person completing the task. Tithing and tax and royalties go where they may, if somebody is making more money on your work than you are, you’re not doing it wrong, you’re just a capitalist.


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