Categorically Orange

Posted: May 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

I slept in fits last night, waking up a number of times for reasons I am not sure. Here are some of the dreams I recall:

Working in a retail store where my manager drove north for a few hours and got stuck in a tornado, so I volunteered to work overtime while eating candied peanuts. Woke up from this one last, was sorely disappointed to not still have candied peanuts to eat.

Something about buying something maybe, I think I had some kind of shopping dream. Details are hazy. They were clearer a moment ago but then I described the other dream and this one faded into nothingness. Maybe I should have started from the earliest and moved my way forward. Maybe I should have made a bullet list instead of going in-depth. Now I don’t remember anything. I have a blog post about 1.1 dreams when I know I had at least four. There was drool on my pillow. I also blamed this on the peanuts.


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