Next On a Short List of Things

Posted: May 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

Thank heavens for large-print books. Last night I had a difficult time going to sleep. Not that I wasn’t tired enough, I was quite tired, but lying down I was restless. My beard was itchy. My feet were hot. It was torturous. I wobbled in and out of sleep’s embrace, not sure if I had ever really crossed its threshold entirely, but I reached a point where enough was too much. I got up, started a cold shower, washed out my beard (I really need to just shave it off today), got nice and chilly, and then got out. I toweled myself dry-ish, and then I was more than eager to get underneath the covers and I was out like a light from that point on. I dreamt of familiarity turned bizarre by time’s distortion, a car radio that sent and received messages, and a grocery store that I spent more time outside than in. Thank you, cold shower.


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