Secret Fault

Posted: May 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

In the middle of the night, a lone semi truck travels at high speeds through the Plains States. There’s no mountainous winding, no traffic, just flat and straight and go. So even though it’s late, even though the driver is tired, he could fall asleep with a dictionary on the gas pedal and probably still be safe, so he drives on, faster than he should, later than he should. There’s nothing to risk. Of course, the risk is inherent, it’s impossible to know when there might be debris, when a curve in the road or a construction detour could creep up, when someone is out late and trying to get home, or get away from it. But when you’re on that concrete stretch and the only lights you see are provided by the state or your own vehicle, it’s hard not to feel invincible, like you’re being given a gift of fast, safe passage. So, our driver pushes on. Acknowledging, and yet ignoring the risks.


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