Random Access

Posted: May 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

Long weekend, good weekend. It’s been a long month, a hard month, in many ways a shitty month. I just have to make the most of time, position myself strongly to move forward, and do better in the summer proper. I’d like to run the air conditioner less even as the heat climbs: I was downright grumpy about how cold I was while I slept this morning. I’d like to do more things, bigger things, better things. Maybe a serial? Probably a serial. Probably some new podcasts. Maybe some Youtube videos. Maybe become more “social” in the millennial definition of the world, plugging my junk, becoming a brand instead of a person, or maybe both. Using apps. Taking photos. This could be the start of something terrible, but it may be a necessary shift in order to change directions in the middle of the stream and do something drastically different. And I’m glad I had this weekend to reset.


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