Friendly Match

Posted: June 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

Hello fang, hello tooth, hello broken down limousine, the governor is out tonight. We will take your calls in the order they were received, counting backwards from 20 and skipping the prime numbers. Please hang up if you are considering being angry. Tomorrow we will vote on the referendum concerning the placement of food too close to the street, after the unfortunate accident of young Ulysses Prudo. The referendum seeks to impose a restraining order of 15 feet between any dining area and any traffic thoroughfare, This will require your beloved food trucks to pull up next to the mail slot of your front door and deliver you a slice of pizza in the same fashion as the postman brings you all of your bills. Next week, we will vote on either abolishing or increasing bills for all citizens. We are willing to consider a compromise in which we all live and love like a wandering band of gypsies and leave behind this municipality forever. Afterwards, there will be donuts in the conference room. Please continue to hold, as your car is very important to us.


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