Thanks Elsewhere

Posted: July 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Not 100% sure about today. Woke up on the later side of things (yes I realize it’s not even 7AM yet), plan is to work until I can’t take it, go get 2 burritos (which is a somewhat lengthy journey on its own), then finish out the day using Burrito Strength(tm). There’s lots I intend to get done, I think I can finish my book reviews up today, I might be able to get some personal writing in, I just want it to be a productive and good time, considering that I don’t anticipate being able to get much done this weekend with the double holiday and the way things are looking. A couple days to rest are gonna be nice, and that’s how my schedule is kind of built right now, to sweat out the weekdays and then have some time to unwind, like a somewhat normal person. But the worrier in me is thinking that 4 days of rest is going to set me back. It probably won’t.


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