Count Slowly

Posted: July 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

How many thoughts go unrecorded, unpreserved for later consumption? How many ideas were the right ones, but were held in the minds not in a position to utilize them, and with their death, will they ever be had again? What of the lunatics who claim they can cure the ills of the body with mustard and milk, of the uncomfortable many who lack the confidence to convince themselves let alone share their utopia with others, laid out in the face of judgment? And how much space do these thoughts take? How many hard drives would we need to really record a day in the life of our species? Would just text suffice? Would we need to employ images, multimedia to really get the point home? If I ask you to visualize a stop sign, does it float there without assistance? Is the post there? Is the post cemented down? Is there an intersection surrounding it? Is it in the middle of the desert or lush suburbia or in Arabic somewhere in the Middle East? Is the font right? Even if we recall it with perfectly clarity, can our eyes and minds be trusted?


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