Listed In Order of Appearance

Posted: July 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

Tuba players, tubists, tubalos, Tucumcari, Tudor, Tuesday, tuft, tugboat, orange tree, under gavel, a thousand words tumbling out of a dump truck, two people fighting, a car parked outside a grocery store for six days without moving, a receipt for services rendered, coffee, coffee, vomit, coffee, the awkward smile of two strangers passing each other in a public restroom, people who like zombies more than they should, no actual zombies, a funeral procession with the supposed deceased serving as a pall bearer, a coffin with a quarter of a dead pig inside, a woman talking to another woman about something other than men (for critical purposes), a great deal of blue-white tint for emotional resonance, tightening of loose ends, one last precipice to hold a breath over, resolution, smiles, conflict resolution, an epilogue with a child, exit music, a list of people you have seen and recognize, a list of people you have not and do not, legal text.

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