Everybody Quiet

Posted: July 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

A once famous actor once approached me once and twice told me I was in his way. And cycling in cycles I merged into traffic, psyching up cyclists for miles around. But every day I sit here and I fill out all the little boxes with words or I copy and paste words and move them from this box to that box and I think my life is really just a lot of boxes. Some of them I check, some I do not, some I make a note to come back to because they seem larger and more difficult to fill than the one that only accepts pre-determined contents. Box here, box there. Boxing day. A lot of paper products strewn about, some stains that I am aware of and need to clean but lack the motivation to take the sixty seconds and do now, and this is why I am not among the greatest of housekeepers.


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