8s and p9s

Posted: July 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

Remember when someone poked you in the shoulder and asked if you were going to be free for a demonstration regarding a new model of vacuum cleaner? Remember when he callously stole the glass of half-finished wine from the counter and poured it out onto the lily white carpet? We both wanted to punch him. You for staining your carpet, me for wasting the wine. What made him think that wine was as cheap as a Coca-Cola, something to just dash on the floor carelessly? The difference between you and I, of course, is that I really did punch him. And then the cops showed up and I calmly explained, with some ice on my knuckles, that yes he had been invited in, but not that he owned the place. And since it was your property, I felt it necessary to defend you. I still spent a few nights in jail, but darling, who hasn’t?


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