Hey Can You See The Ship

Posted: July 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

Picture a rectangle with a triangle on top. And now consider that we are discussing two entirely different images. That it takes much more description in order to share an image from one mind to another. That the amount of detail it takes to really translate a thought from head language to head language is much more complex and difficult. And so we have descriptive language, adjectives. And so we have narrators to make such things much more interesting than rote descriptions. They say things like “She smelled like a long weekend of whiskey benders and angry phone calls.” And this does the opposite effect for some people but is sufficient and more efficient than paragraphs of explanations for others. Those who know what this means perceive it instantly. Those who do not are left to imagine, and that makes it more powerful than saying what needs to be said directly. Even if they are wrong in their assumptions, the power of metaphor pushes them to consider what they are reading or hearing more strongly.


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