Localized God

Posted: July 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

Out of nowhere, the storm broke and shook the small town with each successive lightning strike. The alerts, the warning sirens, they all went off one after another, telling people to get inside, telling them to stay safe. Some people listened. The curious, the ill-advised, they did not. They were witness to a powerful show, but then they were swept away when the rains started. It was not the destructive power of the electricity that did them in, it was the basic topography and massive swells of simple water. They were missed. Almost immediately, as the storm let up surprisingly quickly. It left in its wake the sounds of amphibians croaking in the darkness, happy with the precipitous change, and the silence of a percentage of citizens gone missing due to their own uncontrollable awe. Those affected were forced to move on with their lives. Those affected had to forget in order to properly remember in a way that allowed them to still be functional. And when the storms came again, it would be a decade or two before the young would be both brave and foolish enough to stare down theirĀ descent.


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