Roll a 3

Posted: August 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

I slept awkwardly last night, and I say this because I slept well but my brain kept telling me to get up at times when I was not yet ready to be awake. For example, I would be in a deep dream, discovering things and learning things and my brain would say “okay, get up.” So I would, I’d open my eyes and roll over and realize that the reason my dream was still so involved was because I was still in the middle of a sleep cycle, so I’d force myself back down to sleep only to repeat the process 4 or 5 times. Now I’m up, I’m well-rested, but I’m shaking my head at my brain, which I guess means that I’m shaking my brain. Why do that, bro? What purpose does it serve? I guess I appreciate it, but at the same time, I’ve got stuff to do sure, and that stuff includes sleep. Only not anymore, because now I’m awake. So now you can do those things.


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