Tropical Shirt

Posted: August 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

Today, I am going to get everything done. I think. I have a good chunk of time set aside to simply work, and my workload is relatively low today, so I am optimistic that I can get things done and get caught up once again. I came close yesterday, damn close, but I got tired before I could get around to finishing off the last of my tasks for the day. Today, I’m already down to what, 15 things to do? And I’ve got about 12 hours left in my day, I think I can handle 15 in 12. Some are more time consuming than others, breaks will happen, but I’m just hitting everything as hard as I can now, so that if I do end up taking a break, I can say “Well, I only have 8/5/3 things left to do today, a little break isn’t the end of the world.” I’m not used to finishing my daily tasklist. It’s a pretty baller feeling. I hope you’re feeling pretty baller, too.


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