Wee And Wise

Posted: August 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

When I come here, I usually just live more in the moment than I ever do. I’m a bit of a forward thinker for the most part, always looking long ahead to a finish line or a better set of circumstances, a wondering and a yearning. Or, the Catholic guilt comes out and I dwell long in the past on the unchangeable, on events already cast in stone and left for eternity to evolve and develop from. But when I come here I pour out the days dream, the rambling wanderings of my mind into places uncharted, or I gripe and moan for 200 words or less about something stuck in my craw as a means of catharsis, left here to rot with hundreds (yes, more than a thousand) thoughts captured in time until a server somewhere kicks the bucket. I’ve only wondered about their posterity, if it’s worth keeping. I remember destroying boxes of schoolwork and writing from the closet. Sometimes you need to reinvent yourself. And sometimes you look back on those moments and wish you hadn’t done that, that you would still have a starting place.


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