Moan In Agony

Posted: August 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

The rain came this weekend, and that was nice. It freed me up to just enjoy my weekend and the appreciate the things around me. My sleep schedule is still all jacked from last week’s mystery fever. It’ll be like this for another week or two probably, and then I’ll have to find the right time to flip it. For now, it’s back to work with a week that I would say is generally on the light side as far as things to do, but I’m still working hard to try and get them all done on time again. Last week didn’t work out so well, (see: mystery fever again) and so I’m trying to re-establish my ability to tackle things at an appropriate time. I’ve got plenty of things to write, some books to read, Youtube things to put up, Patreon stuff to work on, and all kinds of other stuff. So enjoy this week, for as summer wanes, so do we enter once more into the season of ripe prosperity. It’s harvest time, y’all.

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