Friends Share Horns

Posted: August 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

The week draws to a close tomorrow. The weekend exists in a different bit of time, I think. Because the world feels different on weekends, it’s not the same. Monday through Friday, these are days driven by routine, their paths cleared and stripped and dug deep with the footsteps of rut. If you have one of these days off, you enjoy it, but it’s not quite the same. You can feel the collective human energy working its heart out while you lounge and watch daytime television. If you have to work on a weekend however, you can feel the uplift, the general ease that the world feels. Your boss isn’t working, your customer isn’t working. It stinks to work on the weekend, we all know this, and we’ve all probably done it at at least one point. But it’s easier. It’s still possible to relax even when you have to clock in while all your friends are either drinking or recovering from drinking. You just put on the polo shirt and the best weary smile you’ve got. Nobody’s going to ask more than that of you on a Saturday.


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