Posted: August 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

I have an issue with permanence, or rather of the inverse. I’m not comfortable with death, and anybody who knows me can tell you that. I’m agnostic, and the only thing keeping me from tipping to full atheist is that I’d rather hang on to some fraction of belief that something follows life than to fully believe that nothing does. When things break, I get frustrated. Maybe a chunk of that comes from not having the money to replace things immediately, but I think a good portion of it is because when something breaks and can not be fixed, then it is no longer good. It is disposable. Just now, I broke a glass. Normally, if I break a glass (and you too, admit it) you feel a sense of ill that far outweighs a replaceable drinking vessel. Granted, this was a custom glass, and a gift from the woman I love, personalized, given with thought and consideration and….I just really wish I hadn’t broken that glass, and I wish it hadn’t happened at 3AM where I have to have all kinds of unpleasant thoughts by myself about it.


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