I Am Gone To Here, Come From Nothing

Posted: August 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

Raise a glass to the goofs, the clowns, the odd ducks of the world. They are those who discovered you make a haunting melody with the right amount of water and a crystal glass, they are those who put wheels on things that didn’t need them before and look for new flavors and colors and adventure for every sense. They write your jokes, they make your food, they host your parties. They bring you all together and let you run free, like a kennel full of dogs with all the cages open. And they stand back with arms folded, a bottle gripped in one hand and watch proudly as you unknowingly let loose and allow yourselves to become like they, for only an hour or two perhaps, but they sit back and take a breath, knowing for now their work is no longer needed. The party is the magnum opus of the bon vivant, the comedian, a situation where everybody tries on their shoes to see how well they fit, made to fit better by the present of alcohol, or opiates, or just good company. And then when the party ends and the silence settles back down, they toss endlessly in their beds.

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