Posted: August 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

Yesterday it rained like the world was going to end. It was amazing, it made being inside of a house feel like being inside of a car wash. I was glad not to be out in it, and glad further that nobody was hurt or had their property damaged (that I’m aware of). But I like violent weather like that. Not so much like tornadoes, but the rains here can be absolutely punishing, made all the more contrasted by the rarity at which they appear. Sleep schedule’s still not really in a good spot yet, computer still giving me lots of grief. Lots of things that still need fixing, but I’m working on it, at it, towards it. Hard to believe the final third of this year is approaching already. I keep stopping myself from wondering how the time flew. I know how it did, I was there. We have to be more alert and aware about the passing of days. It may be a long-running streak but that doesn’t mean it’s boring to observe.


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