Down in the Uptime, Up in the Downtime

Posted: August 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

And so, another week farts is conclusion out into a weekend. I’ve still got a few hours of work to tackle over the next two days, and some things I’d still like to get done tonight (but probably won’t have time to), and then next week I’m streamlining my processes and trying something new again. I’m always planning the next step, always thinking on to new ideas and ways of doing, and then I try them, and either they work, or I find them too easy to step around, but I like the idea I’m working on right now, it’s keeping my brain active and my energy levels high and so when I’m doing, I’m doing quickly and doing well. It’s a good feeling all around. The only problem is sleeping. I’ve moved around my sleep, and things are well on that front as far as wake and sleep times, the issue is the amount of sleep I’m getting, which seems to top off at six hours a night right now. The end result is that I spent a tremendous amount of time at the end of my day (five to six hours, typically) feeling tired and trying to reach a reasonable hour to sleep. Maybe next week I’ll be able to cash in an hour or two somewhere.


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