Posted: September 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

Inside the office, I imagine myself in the same role as a movie star on the red carpet. Except instead of the paparazzi, instead of fans wanting autographs, I am floating from coworker to coworker, boss to boss, receiving instructions, getting feedback, having my daily calendar being filled up with all manner of requests, meetings, luncheons, things I wish I could skip so I could just work. The thing is, I don’t think people are hired in to work any more. Maybe on the entry level, sure. But above that, it’s just a cloud of people milling about, a Hollywood party. The more “famous” shed advice down to people who didn’t ask for it. The least famous smile and nod and are either just happy to be there or acting like they are. And they do what the megastars suggest lest their 15 minutes run out. But nobody’s making movies. Nobody’s signing deals. They’re just bloody fucking shmoozing and shmaltzing. And it’s a giant waste of time, and everyone secretly wishes they could just get back on with the thing they actually get paid to do, but they never can.


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