Posted: September 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Clouds are beginning to swarm overhead and I am wondering if I will be greeted with another rainy day. I am certainly hopeful, as it’s been not a long time at all, especially by the standards down here, but these late summer months have always spoiled me, promising me lovely showers and then vanishing for months and months. So sure, I have things to do, and I’m working my way down the checklist, but really I’m looking outside every few seconds wondering if I might miss 30 seconds of rain because of a minute of work. I’m not sure that I will, and I’m certainly as hopeful as children on a school night staring up at the reddened snow clouds, but I would be fine with a sprinkle, a spritz. What I really want is the downpour. As long as you can stretch it out, just drench this dusty land and give us green long enough for its September yellowing to feel season-appropriate.

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