Posted: September 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

A generally reoccurring theme in my life is that of the unfinished task. Which is not to say I am prone to missing deadlines, or leaving people hanging when I say I’m going to do something (though this happens sometimes), but rather I want to do SO MUCH, every single day, and I recognize that my desires come out to triple or more what the average day allows in time. For a long time this used to frustrate my endlessly, that I would always have two plates falling to the floor while I was spinning eight others. Eventually, I came to understand that it’s okay to not do every thing every day, as long as you do everything with some degree of necessary frequency. So when certain parts of my life get busier, I let other parts wane. And when an appropriate amount of time has passed, I make sure to attend to the waning parts and let something else go on for a bit. The end result is that there is always something to do, but never the pressure to get it all done.


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