Fancy Pretzel

Posted: September 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

We used to own that building, with its myriad storefronts, its eateries, its garrisoned guards, but we were the owners. With our button down shirts, our athletic shoes, our water cups overfloweth with free refills. We navigated the secret catacombs that ran betwixt plots, we spent our days there with laughter and song. We were in safe haven, among good company, where one could go and stay for hours knowing that another would eventually arrive as well. Our money spent well, transferred to gold, and as the shelter protected us from the violent elements of heat and rain, it kept us safe and inside until such an hour at which it was safe to venture back home. It was our home as well, though, a second, a public home. We felt safe, we felt we could trust. But all Camelots must fall, no kingdom is meant to reign for eternity. And so they closed up our favorite mall.


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