Umbrella People

Posted: October 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

The forecast says 7 days of rain. This, coming after 2 days of rain including the largest hail I’ve ever seen down here. Sufficed to say, cars and glass were damaged. But I’m excited. The prolonged rain always causes the temperature to dip and while the sun is putting up its best fight to hold onto its desert kingdom, it’s October for crying out loud. Let it go, man. You’ll be back in like 5 months anyways. It looked like it might storm more this morning, but it passed and broke without so much as a drop that I noticed. Still, we seem to be surrounded by a halo of clouds, so I’m not ruling out the possibility for some evening precipitation. For me, I keep opening the windows and trying to enjoy the fresh air. Then I wake up the next morning to find them all closed. There is a silent war brewing in this apartment, and the combatants are open windows versus refrigerated air.


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