Just Not Fun

Posted: October 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

A lot of people bumping into each other, a city with packed sidewalks and a lack of spatial awareness. It’s not the phones, it’s not a thick onset of fog. It’s just the same people you’ve always known, not paying attention, unable to distinguish the arc of their own movement versus that of their general neighbors. Just people colliding on the streets, in shops, in the hallways of their homes. Bruised shins, bruised knees, bent noses. You begin with apologies, thinking maybe you’ve just grown klutzy. Maybe your mind was off somewhere it didn’t need to be. But by the end of the week you’ve accepted the truth: that overnight the species has evolved into something unconcerned, something so self-centered that it could not possibly even register the presence of another and what or where they might be moving to. You wonder what’s to blame, but the thing is, it’s really only just nature taking an outside-the-box approach to the advancement of people.


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