Waltz Sombre

Posted: October 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

One day down and things are progressing well enough. I did wake up very early today, which is a good thing in the large scheme of things, but no great considering the nightmarish circumstances. Good news, the demons think I’m dead. Bad news, there were demons chasing me in my dream. I just hope staying “dead” for 16 hours gets them off my scene. I woke up very tired, very disoriented. Since my bedroom clock is currently buried beneath clothes, I assumed the worst: I think there was a flash in my dream of me waking up from my dream to learn that it was 3PM, just one last hit of anxiety for the road, but when I actually woke up it served to get me out of bed immediately due to the aforementioned buried clock, and I was surprised to learn the actual, early time. So here is me, being awake but tired, safe from my mind, and getting down to business before things get crazy.


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