Internal Thickness

Posted: November 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

The weather has reached the point where a little warmth in the sunlight feels good. I guess that means we’ve entered what us desert-dwellers would call winter. I’ve even worn long pants intentionally on a few occasions. It’s hardly November! People ask me if I’ve become acclimatized, and the answer is no, mostly because I wear shorts nearly year-round and sweat like a hog during the core of summer. But I think these are not reactions to the climate so much as they are facets of my personality, body type, and internal temperature. So maybe I have. Because when I’m sitting around the house just relaxing, I may be more inclined to bundle up during warmer temperatures that those back north would scoff at. I still usually just utilize a light jacket unless it’s blizzard conditions or very wet, I still own more pairs of shorts than pants. But some days when I’m just sitting here at my desk working and the window’s open and I’m not moving much, then yeah, some degree of textile warmth sounds pretty good, thank you. No hot drinks though. Eww.


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