Blanket On, Clothes Off

Posted: November 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

It has been getting chilly at night, but my windows have been open for such a short period of time that I feel obligated to keep them open. Also I don’t feel like opening and closing them over and over again. So when I climb into bed at night, I have to spend probably ten or fifteen minutes generating enough heat to feel comfortable. And then I feel too warm, so I take off my jacket, or my socks, but then I’ve let heat escape and need more of it, and so there is this careful balancing act of finding the right internal bed burrito temperature. It’s a delicate dance of back and forth, a process that inhibits sleep but certainly prolongs it once it arrives. It’s impossible not to sleep in when your room is frigid, when the difference between your cocoon of body heat and softness promotes sleeping, and the icy caverns of darkness and frost promote waking. It’s a complete no-brainer: just keep sleeping, no matter what, just sleep.


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