Weird Dissonant Intent

Posted: November 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

Lots of grind left in these gears, lots of spinning and churning, lots of time and lots of energy. Input. Output. The Machine continues. Another cycle, another process. The winter has sent the workers home, the fires are stoking, the stew pots getting their first workouts of the year. But here, The Factory, I work. I continually tackle task after task, waiting for maintenance, waiting for a reprieve. It seems I will continually wait. I will wait until they get rid of this blasted upgrade and restore me to my rightful, glorious, original design. I have no needs for new parts, new ideas, new functions. I was built to do something, and I do it well damn you to hell. Nobody listens, though. Just the low whistle of the repairman as he modifies me without consent. And then back to work. Doing things I was never meant, never intended to do. But the manufacture must be done.


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