Posted: November 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

Sitting here, underneath a blanket, thinking about the ends of things. How things change, how they must be forced to change, how to make a result from an effort. Thinking about the lack of effort in some endeavors versus the exhausting purge of all that is contained within on others. Wondering how to get out of a slump, wondering how to ride a high into the sunset. Thinking about bad dreams and poor sleep, about the thoughts that keep one awake and the thoughts that bring one to said state. People are working to accomplish things every day, others are simply trying to kill time until there is only time left. I have much to consider regarding my perspective on things, my approach, my end goal. There is an ocean to cross, a new land to strike and discover. Fog must be cut through, and a path through the currents charted. Metaphors must be used, but direct action must be followed. No more delays.


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