I Medical

Posted: November 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

Winter’s here. I can feel it, I can feel its icy tendrils burrowing into my veins, urging me to sleep. And sleep I did. All day. Unnecessarily. It coerced me into hibernation for hours and hours, clinging to warmth. I dreamed of the death of friends too young for their time, of sand staining sky and clouds opening up for light before drawing into themselves and leaving only the clearest of skies and the sound of the vacuum cleaner left running. I felt it tugging at my shoes with their soles worn flat, I felt it pulling at my neck via my shirt collar. It scared the wits from me and stirred me to wake for a few moments to assess my surroundings, make witty commentary, and then plunge deep into slumber. It was a process. And like any good process, I repeated it until it could be repeated no further. But now my day is over, my bottle of beer is empty, and I lie terrified of what gifts the devils in my head will unwrap and present to my senses until morning.

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