Dark Tontine

Posted: December 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

The sounds of the forest were piercingly loud, from the crunch of dry leaf underfoot to the harsh call of the crow high above. Wind, wind everywhere, creating a deafening hush of leaves against leaves against air. Four footfalls, one set tired and delaying, the other confident yet impatient. A march of two, gun barrel in back, back against wall. A flood of memories persisting when the mind need be clear for a most necessary plan. How to run, how to fight back, how to take advantage. How to keep the soul contained in the flesh, the light held in the eyes. Finally, the back steps came to a halt and the front continued to wobble on, hoping against hope that maybe the colonel simply would not notice. He barked an order, and what amounted to no more than an obedient dog jerked to its own stopping. Ought he turn to face his end, or look on into the infinite woods, hoping for some kind of afterlife between the trees? The uncertainty was painful, and the shot rang out in medias gyrationis, a life snuffed out neither here nor there, simply in the wrong circumstances. The colonel plucked the shell casing from the carpet of dead leaves like a dandelion and turned back toward civilization.


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