Disturbingly Mundane

Posted: December 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

Last night I dreamed of the grocery store. Not in lavish terms, not trying to prepare a meal for a party or stock up for the impending emergency, just shopping slowly, wondering if I really NEED the cookies or if there’s enough milk still. Again though, I also dreamed of a house no longer home, its carpet both brown and blue, of a spider and a bee both dead, tangled up inside the same web: something spiderlike but either cannibalistic or not a spider. Both were large and threatening in their own way, and even after death, it turned my stomach to stare at them. But needing passage through the doorway, they need be removed. I found some way, perhaps an ice scraper? To bring them down to the floor where they could be vacuumed, trying to keep at least one machine of varying complexity between their dead shapes and my living distrust and distaste for them. Even in dream, I want nothing to do with their bodies, especially after the second-hand sensation of dislodging them from the tight web cemetery, the feeling like ripping a cotton ball into two pieces. It’s no wonder I didn’t just sleep through the alarm this morning.


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